About Us

Nilima’s Coaching Academy

In this world of all-consuming rat races, there are very few who have the courage and ability to identify their passions and make careers out of them. Our founder, Nilima, is one such astounding leader!

Having studied Finance (MBA), it was the art of coaching in which Nilima found her true calling. She believes that every child/person is different and the magic of tutoring lies in identifying the strengths of the student. An expert in both written and verbal forms of English communication, Nilima has excelled in her more than a decade long, extensive career of training/coaching.

With her constant, unparalleled efforts and an endeavour to partner with parents and students at NCA (Nilima’s Coaching Academy), Nilima has become a force to reckon with, in her field. The immense recognition and heartfelt feedback from her students and parents speak volumes about her unique approach towards each child.

She also coaches for professional courses like Company Secretary and Post Graduate courses along with private English coaching across all educational boards like SSC, ICSE, CBSE and ICSE.