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Welcome to NET’s Online World!

There are institutes that offer online English coaching, and then there is NET. We offer an unforgettable one-on-one learning experience for your child, even virtually!

What do we offer in our online English classes?

  • Coverage of the end to end English syllabus from std I to XII
  • Exclusive focus on the literature text books for grades I-VIII, across all boards
  • One-on-one exclusive learning experience for your child
  • Teaching with a focus on the overall development
  • Aim to identify your child’s learning method
  • Customized approach to learning English

Why do you need online classes?

  • Saves the commute time, with the same learning experience
  • The child is more comfortable when learning from home
  • Maintains learning continuity
  • Readies your child for the digital world
  • Makes the kid more adaptive

We want to be your partners in the process of turning your children into self-assured and fearless leaders of tomorrow. NET’s online English classes ensure that the children do not feel any difference between classroom teaching and the virtual one.

Let us enable the learning and make them future-ready!