Nilima's English Tutorials (NET)

Academy Highlights

  • The program specializes in tutoring English to students starting from grade I to grade XII.
  • NET, with the worksheets and practical applications of the learnings, mentors students in creating a life-long learning curve.
  • As a program, NET caters to all educational boards like SSC, CBSE, ICSE and IG.
  • NET is focussed on team work amongst students, interactive sessions, varying training modules and methodical approach to coaching.

Why choose Us?

Why choose NET?

  • Batches formed basis the schools (from Std 8 to 12).
  • Classes held twice a week.
  • Detailed SWOT analysis of the students.
  • Coaching of English skills through creativity and vitality.
  • Superlatively creative group activities using effective audio-visual tools.
  • Dynamic and unique approach to Phonics and other related concepts.
  • A much-needed balance between academics and personality development.

What we do not stand for at NET?

  • Becoming a student-hoarding coaching centre with no focus on quality.
  • Making muggers out of the students.
  • Adopting a book-style approach to teaching.
  • Keeping our focus only academics-oriented.
  • Pushing to end the sessions swiftly.
  • Claiming to be a quick fix to your problems.

About Nilima's Academy

In this world of all-consuming rat races, there are very few who have the courage and ability to identify their passions and make careers out of them. Our founder, Nilima, is one such astounding leader!

Having studied Finance (MBA), it was the art of coaching in which Nilima found her true calling. She believes that every child/person is different and the magic of tutoring lies in identifying the strengths of the student.

An expert in both written and verbal forms of English communication, Nilima has excelled in her more than a decade long, extensive career of training/coaching.

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